I'm ethry

full stack web developer

About me

I am a full stack web developer and software developer from New Zealand.
I have a lot of experience in making websites, and coding in general.


I code regularly in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, React, Java, TypeScript, and a few other languages. I have lots of experience in those languages. I also know how to use Linux, and have experience in system administration (sys-admin).


Stuff I made and are working on.


A free quiz-based learning website, great for schools. Start your own quiz today!


A simple Anticheat system I made for the Minecraft Spigot server software.


A plugin for Spigot that allows you to chop down trees much faster.

Simple Scroll Animation

Add simple scrolling animations to your website, 100% open source.

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Contact me

If you would like to talk to me, you can contact me via email at me[at]ethry[.]xyz. I also have a Discord server, because that's a less ancient way of communicating. I also have stuff like twitter, reddit and stack overflow, but you can find that on your own if you want it for some reason.


i make stuff

emoji from twemoji, icons from fontawesome